Patios And Outdoor Kitchens

When planning to add a patio to your home or renovate an existing one, consider creating an outdoor kitchen as it would make for a wonderful way to spend time outside. This is an excellent way to enjoy time with your family and entertain your guests while considerably adding to the market value of your home. An outdoor kitchen will easily turn your patio into one of favorite hangouts for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

There are many options to choose from when designing an outdoor kitchen for your patio. The main element that makes the space a kitchen is that there is plenty of room for prep work and cooking.  A barbecue grill is a popular option for cooking outside, and there are also many other options to choose from such as a fire pit, brick oven or even a lovely fireplace. You will also need a place for everyone to sit and relax. An awning or shelter from the sun or rain would be an excellent consideration as you certainly would not want to the weather to hinder your entertaining.

Another option worth considering is having countertops and a sink to aid with food preparation and cleanup. Countertops can also double as a dining table or a bar which can be a great help when making seating arrangements in tight spaces. Cabinets and drawers are excellent options for installation underneath a countertop for that much needed storage space. Refrigerators will ensure that your drinks stay cold and your food stays fresh and bug-free while it is waiting to be prepared and cooked. Adding options such as these will eliminate the need to constantly run back and forth while preparing meals as, ensuring you will have everything available and are able to stay active and social with your family or company.

The planning phase is crucial when creating an outdoor kitchen.  Having a professional assist in the planning will ensure that the finished product is functional, practical and comfortable. The right type of flooring for your patio is important to choose  and avoid using materials such as tile or marble that may become slick when the weather is rainy or humid. Brick, concrete, and stone make for excellent choices, but try to match the materials that were used during the construction of your home’s exterior to make the new space feel as if it is an extension of your home.  A professional contractor will help you design the perfect layout to transition from your living area into your yard, creating a space that will invite all who see it to take a moment and relax.

Another important thing to remember is that your outdoor kitchen will require utility connections, which is one more reason to hire a professional.  They will be able to plan accordingly and get any necessary permits that the city may require prior to any renovations or building. If you are planning to add a sink, it will need adequate plumbing and drainage. Your grill or fire pit may require gas connections, and refrigerators and lighting fixtures will need electrical wiring.

Everything will also need to be waterproof since they are to be installed outside and may get rained or snowed on from time to time. Be sure to choose materials that are resistant against corrosion, rot, and rust so that your new patio will look great and remain functional for many years to come.


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