How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Retreat

Living Magazine sat down with us at Modern Home Renovation to dissect why some bathrooms are better than others, and how to get that elusive “retreat” feel.


masterbath1a_rgbLIVING: If you had to pick one key element of the perfect bathroom retreat, what would it be and why?

MHR: Balance: The perfect bathroom retreat must have a balance of both function and aesthetic appeal. Many choices marry the two perfectly, like under-mounted sinks, for example. Not only do they look less obtrusive, but they make cleaning much easier when you’ve eliminated the extra edges that catch dirt and grime. Also, consider durable materials like quartz for your bathroom. They are more stain resistant and require lower maintenance, while providing the high-end custom look and quality of stone.

LIVING: What other elements do ultimate bathroom retreats include?

MHR: Space planning. Be sure to consider those options that help you gain space, or even the feeling of space. For example, wall mounted cabinets, toilets and sinks add floor space, helping your bathroom feel more open. Lighter colors and monochromatic designs also help your bathroom feel more spacious. If your bathroom is already oversized, consider elements like curbless walk-in showers with natural materials to help your space feel inviting and less sterile. Chandeliers, seating, and personalized walk-in closets are other great ways to help large bathrooms feel like additional living spaces.

dscn0231-225x300Appropriate storage. Don’t forget to plan storage for those things you like to hide, like toilet paper and plungers. On the other hand, make sure your space allows you to show off those things that reflect your personality. Having some open shelving allows for neatly folded towels and other decorative items that make your space feel as if it’s a retreat designed specifically for you.

Adequate lighting. A dark bathroom is a frustrating bathroom. Maximize natural lighting with windows whenever possible. Transom windows and frosted or textured glass are a great add natural light without losing privacy. Also, make sure your lighting choices provide enough ambient lighting so that you aren’t looking at harsh shadows or a dimmed version of yourself when you’re preparing for a day full of meetings or a fun night out.

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