Water Leaks

Your Leak Detection & Leak Repair Specialist

Leak Detection and Leak Repair Specialist

Are your water pipes leaking but you can’t seem to pinpoint where? Telltale signs of leaky pipes include stains and discoloration on your floors and ceilings, interior puddles, and even the sound of running water emanating from behind walls. If any or all of these symptoms are happening, call Modern Home Renovation Plumbing Services immediately. Leaky pipes are a time sensitive issue, water can destroy your property and even compromise the foundation of your house.

Most likely, the extent of your leaky pipes are hidden in the walls and any leaking that is occurring is mostly unknown. Finding and replacing leaky pipes are within MHR’s specialty and we offer the best plumbing services in the Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita areas.

How to discover leaky pipes

  1. Turn off all your faucets and appliances. Crank the handles down and even hit the shutoff valves for your toilets.
  2. Check your water meter for a reading and write down the number you see.
  3. Listen carefully, any sounds of running water or drips can be signs of leaky pipes.
  4. Leave the water turned off for at least two hours.
  5. Check the water meter before using any water inside the house, if it has moved, it is a good indication that your pipes are leaking.

Another good tip is to check your monthly water bills against past ones, higher than average water use can be a sign of leaky pipes.

Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes are the most cost efficient pipes to replace. Easy to spot a leak and even easier to reach, a leak here is quickly repaired by our professionals. You do not have to be an experienced plumber to understand that water dripping down a pipe means there is a problem. Take advantage of your exposed pipes proximity to the eye and give us a call if you spot a problem.

Hidden Pipes

Unfortunately, most of your pipes are found behind walls and under floorboards. Exposing these pipes and discovering a leaks takes more than just a keen eye. Our licensed plumbers are experts that you can trust will get the job done.

If you suspect a problem with your plumbing, call MHR Plumbing team today!

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