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The pipes inside your house are not meant to last forever. Corrosion, leaks, cracks, all are ailments of aging plumbing and the downfall of properties across Texas. Do not let your home flood, simply repiping, replacing old pipes, will add decades if not centuries to any property investment.

Pipes are hidden from sight, behind walls and beneath the floor, it can be hard to decipher when plumbing needs replacing.

Low Water Pressure

When the water is not flowing like it should, showers are no longer a comfortable experience; this is an indication your water pressure is low. Low water pressure is most likely a symptom of corroded, leaky, and/or clogged pipes. Especially in older homes, replacing the pipes is the only way to fix the problem.

Discolored Water

Brown water and large pieces of sediment are signs of rusty pipes. When it comes to protecting your potable water, replacing pipes is the best method for ensuring clean drinking water. If your pipes are old, lead solder, which may have been used in construction, can will leach into the water thanks to the rust traveling through the pipes.

Pipe Leaks

Easier to spot in unfinished basements, pipe leaks are an unsightly and costly problem. Caused by old metal and even subfreezing temperatures, leaky pipes are thankfully a relatively quick fix. Once you spot a leak, call us immediately, and we will send one of our professionals to the scene.

Corroded Pipes

Corroded pipes can go unnoticed for years but it is best to not let this happen. If caught early enough, only a section will need repiping instead of a larger percentage of pipes. Check the exterior of all water pipes, any blue stains seeping from the plumbing means corrosion. Salty sediments can accumulate on the outside as well, another example of pipes that need replacing.

Depending on how hard or soft your water is, build up that resembles dental plaque can form inside the pipes. This is called scaling, eventually it will block the plumbing completely. Look inside cut pipes from your house during remodeling projects to see if repiping is needed.

MHR Plumbing

MHR Plumbing prides itself in being your local plumbing service. Our technicians are well trained, uniformed, and highly professional. Repiping can be daunting but our professionals are highly equipped and provide exceptional service. MHR’s hassle free process makes every project as pain free as possible. Give us a call today!

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