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Remodeling your home? Faucets need replacing? The professionals at MHR Plumbing have the expertise and training needed to install and fix every kind of faucet and fixture under the sun. Our solid reputation means you can trust us with your property and ultimate interior vision. Every installation will be to your precise specifications and the finished product will not only look great but work just as good.

Bathroom Sink

The bathroom sink is most likely the first and last fixture used in your daily routine. What makes this installation unique is the proximity to cabinets and closets containing valuables that are not conducive to flooding. The bathroom sink may get dirty but that doesn’t mean the rest of your bathroom needs to be when installing a new faucet. Our plumbers practice careful methodology in all their work, your house and sink, are in good hands.

Kitchen Sink

Perhaps the largest sink in any house, the importance of the kitchen sink cannot be understated. Cooking, cleaning, even drinking is conducted with the faucet located here. Using a trusted company with quality employees is a must when doing any work inside the kitchen. Whether you require a simple repair or a brand new spout, MHR Plumbing is the first name to call.


The throne of every household, this fixture requires precision installation. The eminent danger of a poorly installed toilet is not worth the stress. Toilets are complicated and heavy, cutting corners on this project is never advised. Do not let the pressures of remodeling and repairing prevent you from getting a new toilet installed; our plumbers have the skillset you can trust for this complicated procedure.

Showers and Bathtubs

Making up the largest plumbing fixture by far, showers and bathtubs are a necessity that can also be a luxury. Your bathroom serves a purpose, but do not let the dirty aspects of hygiene prevent you from indulging. Our professionals are qualified to ensure adequate water pressure, having intimate knowledge of the pipes carrying water to your bathroom.

Making the water work is half of the installation process, the other is facilitating water running down and out of the drains. Having a professional install your showerhead and other fixtures will alleviate concern for any unforeseen complications.

Don’t get bogged down by the process of installing these fixtures, use an expert instead. Call MHR Plumbing today and begin the process!!

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