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Drains clogging? Maybe water is not flowing where it should? It is not your fault, remember, clogged drains are a natural phenomenon and not one to lose sleep over. There are professionals in your town that have the expertise and knowledge to fix and clean your drains. With licensed plumbers, expertly trained on local construction methods, MHR Plumbers are the authority for drain clogs and cleaning in the Kingwood area.

Kitchen Drains.

The kitchen clog is caused by grease and organic materials slowly accumulating until a clog forms and prevents water from flowing. Our highly skilled plumbers are well trained in kitchen matters and will make short work of your backed up drain.

Shower and Tub Drains

Your bathroom is the one room of your house where you go to be clean. Having a clogged drain inside this room can be a disaster. Shower and tub drains will become gummed up due to hair and soaps, these pipes require regular cleaning to keep them operating efficiently.

As for toilets, there can be a myriad of reasons why the water stops flowing but there is only one correct way to fix it, unblock the drain. Anything clogging your toilet stands no chance against our team of professionals, there is no obstruction too great, or too small. We know that if your toilet is not working, nothing else really matters until it is fixed.

Floor Drains

Your laundry room, the basement, maybe even your garage has floor drains. These pipes are important for those emergency situations where an appliance backs up a severe storm floods part of your property. Leaves, rocks, even roots, can block the plumbing; cleaning floor drains and maintaining their integrity is a necessity we fully understand. Our team of experts have the tools and training required to keep your property safe and the water flowing.

Downspout Drains

Successfully routing water from your roof and away from the basement will protect your property’s foundation as well as your investment. These outside drains can become clogged due to leaves, rocks, even animals can create a blockage. Here at MHR Plumbers, we have the equipment necessary to reach and repair downspout drains.

We are happy to fix clogs and alleviate plumbing emergencies, our team is trained for every job. But why wait for something critical to happen before calling us? Our methods also prevent emergencies from happening, give us a call today!

A MHR plumbing technician will cut through the clog and remove all debris, restoring your drain to like new condition.

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