Driveways And Concrete

While the choice may not be the same for all people, for others driveways and concrete go hand in hand.  Many people think of the standard slabs when they think of this material.  They visualize gray squares that have seams lining the path to the home.  In the past, that was mostly accurate.  Some people in the past strayed away from them because they just weren’t as flattering as other types of materials.  Of course for some people, even other materials were far too expensive even though they were aesthetically pleasing.  Things have definitely changed concerning driveways and concrete. 

With advancements in this field come new ideas and creative new ways to make a very expensive looking path to the home without the expensive materials usually used to do it.  Cement can now be stained, stamped, done in overlays, polishes, dyes, and can be made in a variety of different colors.  This means that the home next door that has the extremely expensive brick and tile motor path to the house can now be rivaled by the less expensive driveways and concrete makes this possible today.

The idea for stamping cement really picked up a lot of steam from the people who were doing patios for homes.  Since the outdoor square footage is now just as practical and sought after as the indoor footage, patios were in demand, and with this demand came the need to come up with some innovative approaches.  Cement fit the bill because when it is first poured, it is quite moldable.  This makes it possible to stamp different designs into it and add color as well.  As time went on, this became a practical idea for walking paths as well as driveways.  And concrete became the new go to material for many homeowners and home builders.  This is because other types of materials such as brick pavers and slate can be so very expensive for the homeowner to consider.  Many times there are budgetary constraints that just do not allow for these extravagant choices of materials.  This left many people to consider leaving the motor path to the home either a dirt road, or they filled it with gravel.  These are both poor options because, over time, a road that has no paving material will develop ruts, and gravel will sink over time and need to be replaced often. 

Many people wanted color to be part of the landscape of their home including their driveways, and concrete used to be a colorless option that left a lot to be desired in terms of pleasing appearances.  Now with the technology that is used today, it is possible to use various types of designs and molds to make the foot or motor path look as if the homeowner actually spent thousands of dollars to create it. 

Sometimes the smallest and most taken for granted items are the things that add the biggest sense of total curb appeal to a home such as the path to the garage.

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