4 Things That Are a Part of Every Successful Bathroom Renovation


That sheer amount of time we spend in the bathroom in our lifetime means it just makes sense to want a bathroom that’s not only functional but also comfortable and even inviting. It can be a private oasis for one or a hub for your family’s morning routines.

Whichever it is, your current bathroom might not deliver the form and function you want. That means it’s time for a bathroom renovation — and that’s a scary word for many families. Even so, with the proper planning, your bathroom renovation project can be a source of excitement rather than stress. Four factors can contribute to your renovation success.

1. A design that gives your family what it needs

Think about your current bathroom: what do you really dislike about its features? Do you wish the tub was a roomier shower? Maybe you need extra counter space or dual sinks to accommodate children and a busy morning routine. Make a list of what you want to change, then work towards a functional design. Balance creates comfort with smart choices about what will work best in practice.

2. A willingness to be flexible and make compromises

You never know exactly how a bathroom renovation project will go until you start demolishing the old fixtures. Be ready for unexpected surprises that might impact your budget or necessitate a design change. “Marrying” yourself to one vision of the end product is a recipe for disappointment. Instead, think of it almost like an art project: as your vision comes together, sometimes it’s obvious that you’ll just have to make a change. Be flexible and keep your stress levels low.

3. A budget that can get the job done

Speaking of your budget, be realistic about what you need. Balance “wishlist” items against what you can afford. Sometimes, you’ll have to compromise on one feature to get something else you want or need.

4. A contractor you can trust.

In most cases, a DIY project is out of the question — bathroom renovations are just too complex. You’ll need a reliable contractor who provides you with realistic estimates for both cost and time. Anyone can say they’ll finish a renovation in two weeks and under budget, but a reliable contractor will tell you the truth. Check reviews, ask friends and conduct a thorough search before you choose any contractor.

There’s no doubt that a bathroom renovation is one of the trickiest projects you can undertake in the home, perhaps only second to a kitchen renovation. That doesn’t mean it must be a harrowing experience. When you take the time to ensure these four factors are in play, you can even enjoy the process. In the end, it will all be worth it — the project itself will be a memory, but you’ll get to live with the fantastic results for years.

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